Construction work on Golden Spike resumes

While problems holding up work on the Washington Street Station haven't been resolved, work resumed Wednesday on the Golden Spike renovation.

Workers dug trenches for concrete footings in Wednesday's rainy weather. It was the first sign of work at the site since demolition halted in late December.

Property co-owner Tom Johnson said problems regarding an easement from the state and a building permit from the city haven't been resolved. However, he said he expects the "bureaucratic process" to be finished next week.

The building permit is ready to go, he said, contingent on the state's approval of the easement facing Carson Street.

A few feet of the building's Carson Street front is in the Nevada Department of Transportation's right of way, and Johnson said he should know by the end of next week whether the state will allow the easement for the building's sidewalk.

"We haven't completely solved our problems yet, but we decided we had to get back up and get going," Johnson said. "I've had two or three calls a day asking why we weren't doing anything. We jumped in with both feet and promptly got stopped. We're very positive we're going to get the (permit and easement) rather than have this thing held up any more. It just takes time."

Johnson said the current work is being done under the demolition permit. Several unexpected structural problems holding up the work have been solved as well, Johnson said.

Redevelopment on the old Golden Spike building started in September and demolition began in October. Plans are to turn the building into a Victorian/Western themed retail-office center with more than 20,000 square feet of office space.

Johnson said he's had several prospective tenants for the building, including office, restaurant and retail clients.

"We've had quite a few people interested, but we're not signing leases until we know the completion date," Johnson said. "Interest wanes as people see the work not progressing, so we hope we can get the issue resolved very quickly. We're very anxious to get this project done."

Until a building permit is secured, Johnson said he has no completion date for the building.

Johnson, owner of Gold Dust Commercial Associates, co-owns the property with John Serpa Jr. through the Carson Cinema Group LLC.


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