Dayton citizens makes good on Senior Center robbery

Members of the Dayton community have made donations to the Dayton Senior Center to replace cash stolen from the facility's building fund.

Lawrence and Cheryl Friar donated $25, Lou and Elsa Zumsteg gave $100, and most recently, Mr. and Mrs. Ed David gave Site Manager Shannon Coday a check for $500.

"This is just amazing," said Coday. "When Ed gave me this check, my jaw could have hit the floor. It's incredible."

The center was broken into on the morning of Feb. 25, when the glass of a back door was shattered with a rock. The only thing taken was paper money from a large glass jug on the reception counter. All the coins were dumped on the floor. Lyon County Sheriff's Office has no leads in the break-in.

"We do have a security system in the building now," said Coday. "The idea of the system was presented to the advisory council and was unanimously approved. The new system detects all kinds of motion."

The Dayton Senior Center was recently one of two sites approved for potential grant money to help expand the center. The center's membership has steadily grown over the past several years and the need for expansion is great.

If approved, the center will receive $305,000 in grant money. The center will need to come up with $73,000 to pay for the remaining cost to expand.

"The building committee has moved into high gear now that we're one step closer to reality."

Coday noted all those who donated are members of the Dayton Senior Center.


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