Desire to keep rifle range on campus forces Carson school district to search for insurer

After being banned from using Carson High School's rifle range for eight months, target shooters will know in two weeks whether or not their privileges will be restored.

"It's been a very long eight months," said Chris Hill, vice president of the Carson Rifle and Pistol Club. "We are very anxious to retain use of that facility."

School board members reviewed four estimates for different insurance carriers Tuesday night and will make the final selection June 27.

The district's current carrier, Coregis, a Chicago-based company, discontinued coverage of the high school's rifle range in October declaring the risk to be too high.

Mike Mitchell, director of operations, said the district has basically narrowed down the search to Coregis and Nevada Pool.

Although the premium for Coregis is less at $166,296, the company will also charge nearly $40,000 more for earthquake and flood insurance.

Nevada Pool's premium is $179,332 with earthquake and flood coverage included.

The district has not included flood and earthquake coverage in the past but will include it this year.

"I think we're wise to include flood and earthquake insurance," Mitchell said. "We kind of gambled by not having it over the last four or five years."

Another obstacle is that Nevada Pool's deductible for auto liability is $25,000.

Mitchell said the transportation department, which includes the school buses, incurs the most damage throughout the year and $25,000 is much too high.

Hill suggested that the district not accept the offer from Coregis.

"I'm really miffed by Coregis," Hill said. "They have been very adamant that they do not want to insure us, now they're coming in at the last minute with an offer."

Coregis was the only company to affix an additional charge of nearly $8,000 to include the rifle range in the policy.

The company would also require that the gun club members undergo background checks, have a certified instructor on site at all times, and provide supplemental insurance.

Hill said the club helped build the facility in 1981, helps maintain it and has the right to use it.

He said the club's safety record is impeccable.

"We have not had so much as the need of a Band-Aid," Hill said. "When you're working with firearms, that's not bad."

Board President Jean Kvam said the district will do its best to accommodate outside groups that want to use the range.

"We all know how important that facility is to you," Kvam said. "Personally, I'd like to see you get use of the gun range."


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