Don't crucify rocker for freedom of speech

Re the John Rocker flap! While I don't condone Rocker's comments in Sports Illustrated, I see no reason to crucify the man. A $20,000 fine for speaking what's on his mind is ludicrous!

Whatever happened to free speech? Is it only free when it's politically correct and offends no one? Plenty of minority athletes as well as so-called leaders have made racist, derogatory remarks and it was barely reported. As Guy Farmer stated in his column in the Sunday Appeal - guess it just depends on who is making the remarks.

The dopers, abusers, rapists and such who are connected to the sports world don't seem to get near the press time nor condemnation in the press that Rocker has received. This story just goes on and on. And for what purpose? Just to fuel more fires of hatred and bigotry?

I'm sure there are times that John would gladly cut out his tongue for making his offensive remarks, but it's done, he's apologized and he's going to pay a big price when he rejoins his teammates and eventually runs out to the mound to save another game. The man made a big mistake, but he didn't physically harm anyone and he didn't commit a crime- violent or otherwise. He's only guilty of bad judgment.


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