FBI agrees to help search for suspect's in Mexican chief's slaying

SAN DIEGO - The FBI has agreed to help search for two Mexican law enforcement officers wanted in connection with the February slaying of Tijuana's police chief.

Mexican authorities asked the agency to help search for the two men on the U.S. side of the border and the agency agreed last weekend to do so, according to Jan Caldwell, a spokeswoman for the FBI's office in San Diego.

''This is a Mexican investigation and the role of the FBI is merely one of assistance,'' she said.

Authorities were searching for Juan de Dios Montenegro, an assistant precinct commander, and Praxedis Osuna Solis, an officer who had been on loan to the federal attorney general's office as a bodyguard.

The two men are wanted in the Feb. 27 slaying of Police Chief Aflredo de la Torre Marquez, who was gunned down as he drove along a Tijuana freeway.

Testimony from six suspects arrested in the murder have led investigators to believe Montenegro and Osuna Solis may have orchestrated the killing.


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