Federal government wants to take our land

There is a battle going on in this Nation, especially the West, over private and public property rights. President Clinton's "Roadless Initiative" designates 54 million acres in 39 states as roadless areas. Many of these areas and national monuments are being declared World Heritage Parks and being placed under United Nations control and regulation. These areas include national parks, in which areas - buffer zones -are being created, and humans are not allowed.

Public land is supposed to be just that, public. They were originally set aside for all of us to enjoy. The federal government already owns 87 percent of the state of Nevada. 5.8 acres of that were obtained constitutionally, per constitutional attorney David Horton, and yet they want more.

On July 4 we have collected 10,000-plus shovels for a Shovel Brigade in Jarbidge Nevada to reopen a county road the Forest Service decided was theirs for the taking. This is the beginning in a movement to stop the confiscation of our land by the Federal Government.

On June 4 we are calling for all patriots across the country to spend a day in fasting and prayer. Prayer for our country, prayer for our lands, prayer for our Freedoms - which we seem to lose daily.

"Except the Lord build the house, They labor in vain who build it." "I firmly believe this." Benjamin Franklin, 1787, Constitutional Convention. In that same vein, Except the Lord build and guide the Shovel Brigade, we will labor in vain. Please join us in Prayer for our Country on June 4.


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