Fishing report for week of 01/12



CAPLES LAKE: No report.

DAVIS LAKE: No report.

EAGLE LAKE: No report.

FRENCHMAN RESERVOIR: Shirley and Richard Wiggin of the Wiggin's Trading Post of Chilcoot, Calif., reported that with the warm days and nights, many areas of the lake are again ice free.

Alan O'Malley of Reno caught a 3.5-pound, 20-inch rainbow off Turkey Point on Sunday with nightcrawlers.

INDIAN CREEK RESERVOIR: Dave Kirby of the Woodfords Station said that there is still some open water on the east side. He said that fishing success has been very slow.

PYRAMID LAKE: The Gilly Sporting Goods Store in Sparks reported, "The boaters are still doing good. They have been fishing 20-50 feet deep with gold, silver or Chartreuse-colored Flatfish lures. Some boaters have been doing very well by jigging bucktail jigs or dragging them along the bottom. Fly Fishermen have been using dark colors and the Popcorn area is beginning to turn on. Some fly anglers have been catching trout with white or salmon-colored flies. Spincasters have been scoring with various colored Tor-P-Do lures."

RED LAKE: Last weekend, the ice fishing was rated as good. Most of the fish caught were average-sized brook trout. They were caught jigging with small, silver or gold-colored Kastmaster or Phebe lures or with rainbow-colored Thunderbolt lures. Some anglers were also scoring with worms or Power Bait.


SILVER LAKE: No report.


LAKE TAHOE - North Shore: Mickey Daniels of Mickey's Big Mack Charters reported easy limits of average sized Mackinaw trout, up to 6 pounds, with an occasional rainbow. He said, "We have been catching, tagging and releasing lots of Macks. We're fishing in 250-450 feet of water, very early in the morning, in front of Kings Beach. We've been trolling with Herring Dodger flasher blades with pearl-colored Apex lures, live minnows or three-inch, blue-colored, rubber minnows."

LAKE TAHOE - South Shore: Mike Nielsen of the Tahoe Topliners at South Lake Tahoe said that fishing has been fair for Mackinaw trout. He reported, "The fishing has been up and down. Some days are good and others not so good. We've been catching Macks in the 3-5 pound class. We have been jigging in water 150-170 feet deep. The best jigs have been the white or silver Crippled Herring jigs, tipped with a minnow.

TOPAZ LAKE: Chuck Fields of the Topaz Lake Marina indicated that the fishing has remained very good. There were lots of limits of rainbows, up to 1-1 1/2 pounds. The largest trout of the week was a 6-pounder.

The best fishing has been in the middle of the lake where the trollers are trolling at about 1-2 MPH with black/silver or black/gold, No. 5 or 7, Rapala lures, about 5 feet below the surface.

Shore fishing has been producing limits with nightcrawlers on the northeast shore, near the county park.

WALKER LAKE: Bob Tompkins of the Gun and Tackle Store in Hawthorne checked in with reports of big cutthroat trout. He said, "On Thursday, Eric Hamrey of Hawthorne caught a 10.25 pound Cutt. He was trolling a Tor-P-Do lure near Sand Point. The only other trout larger than that in many years is the 10.6 pounder caught about three weeks ago."

In addition, Ed and Wilson Walton of Carson City trolled on Sunday and checked in with a 8.5 pounder and a 7.15 pounder. Those were taken trolling deep with broken-back, frog-colored, Flatfish lures.

Tompkins also reported that shore fishing has been slow, with the best results being with Power Bait. Boaters have done very well with frog, silver or fire tiger-colored lures.

WILDHORSE RESERVOIR: Late Monday morning, Dennis Dunn of the Wild Horse Resort reported, "It's currently snowing real hard, we have eight inches of snow on the ground and the snowmobilers are driving us crazy with telephone calls."

He said, "The ice is about 15 inches thick and last week, our temperature got down to -28 degrees."

The fishermen were catching lots of perch, rainbows and an occasional German brown. The fish were being caught on worms with either a dab of Power Bait or a small party-sized marshmallow to make the worm float up off the bottom.


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