Former PUC commissioner hired as consumer advocate

Former Public Utilities Commissioner Tim Hay has been named state consumer advocate and chief of the Bureau of Consumer Protection.

Hay replaces Fred Schmidt, who resigned after 12 years to go into private practice. Hay takes over April 10.

"During this time of transition to competitive markets, protecting Nevada's consumers will remain essential in ensuring that the benefits of competition reach Nevada's residential customers and small commercial customers as well," he said.

Attorney General Frankie Sue Del Papa said Hay's background at the PUC and in the utilities industry "gives him an incredible insight into the relationships those groups must have in making sure all Nevadans receive quality services at reasonable costs."

Hay was on the PUC during hearings involving the Telecommunications Act of 1996 and presided over energy and environmental proceedings for electric transmission and generation as well as Nevada's Y2K preparations as a member of the reorganized PUC.

He was state budget director for a year during Richard Bryan's administration and worked for Bryan after his election to the U.S. Senate until 1987.

As consumer advocate, he will represent the public's interests in utility cases and in the deregulation of electric utilities. As head of consumer protection, he will direct a variety of consumer protection efforts on behalf of Nevada residents.


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