Genesis system will improve at DMV

This is in response to the letter written by Amy Lewis in Sunday's paper

regarding Genesis.

First of all, I take extreme offense to her first statement that her letter

represents DMV employee's statewide. She is not my representative, nor does she speak for me. I have never spoken with this woman, therefore she has never obtained my opinion on the Genesis system. How dare she speak for me!

Your quotes of customers waiting 3, 5, and 8 hours, and a 45-minute wait

between screens is now inaccurate. These figures were correct the first two

weeks we went live, but on Oct. 7 and 8 the average wait for a customer was 20 to 25 minutes in the Carson office. There are several employees that can show you how to get thru the screens in less than 45 minutes...

You have to remember that this system is only 33 days old... Each day we

improve. As employees become familiar with the system and how it works our comfort level increases and so do the number of transactions.

This system is not perfect right now, no one says it is. Yes, there are

bugs in the system and yes there are better ways to do things and that is

why we went live when we did. We need everyone's feedback, and ideas to

make the system better for every employee and every customer. This will

only happen with time.

The Legacy system was a good program in its time, but it was over 20 years

old and needed replacing. We manipulated Legacy and put "Band-Aids" on the programs to make it work for us. Legacy also had bugs, but because of our experience and time of using the Legacy system we knew how to "work around" these issues and make Legacy work for us.

In my opinion your statement in regards to our customers being irate and

threatening because of Genesis , is not accurate. The majority of our customers have been extremely patient with us during this process.

The employees are not being blamed for this so called mess. There are many

factors involved. The system has flaws, bugs, programming errors... The

employees need time to develop experience on the system and to learn all

the functionality of the system. All these factors should be taken into


It appears to me that the ultimate challenge we have facing us, is not to

place blame, but begin working as a team to find solutions to the system

problems and helping one another gain experience and knowledge.

Editor's note: The Nevada Appeal apologizes for the references to outdated information on how long customers had to wait in line. We received the original letter more than two weeks ago and failed to publish it in a timely manner.


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