Genoans meet Tuesday to discuss sewers

GENOA - A proposal to bring sewer service to Genoa's Main Street has proponents recruiting potential customers and reaching for their checkbooks.

Planners from Douglas County's Community Development Department will be in Genoa Tuesday to explain a plan to extend secondary lines from a sewer main that will be installed later this year. The line is to start near David Walley's and extend north past Genoa Lakes, then east to the North Valley Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Town Secretary Alice Rogers says interest is high along the Main Street corridor. Main Street consists of Foothill and Jacks Valley roads within the town boundaries.

"I've had letters of intent on this for quite some time," said Rogers. "We're beating the bushes and telling everyone on Main Street to come to this meeting. We're telling them to bring their checkbooks."

County planners say Genoa's topography makes direct installation of a sewer system difficult and expensive. However, if enough people participate, Main Street could be served by gravity-fed lines along Foothill Road and Genoa Lane that would connect to the main line, which is to be located east of the town.

Community Development Director Bob Nunes said the actual cost of the spur lines won't be known until bids are received on the project later in the year, but an estimate will be available Tuesday.

Under current proposals, residents of single-family homes would pay a $5,800, interest-free connection cost over three years. Commercial rates will be based on the amount of sewage each business is expected to generate.

Though some residents want a five-year payment schedule, Nunes said the three-year limit is necessary to keep the proposal financially feasible. He hopes Tuesday's meeting will draw firm commitments.

Rogers has been urging people to get involved, because connection costs are likely to increase with time. She says many Main Street residents are worried they might lose the opportunity.

"We feel like they're trying to knock us out of the picture," she said. "We've been telling them all along that we're ready, and we've been ready. We're actually agreeing on something for once."

Nunes says the county has no reason to bypass Genoa.

"It's in the county's best interest to have as many people on the line as possible. We want sewer customers," he said. "It's going to be good for the whole area in general."


What: Genoa sewer connection meeting

When: Tuesday, 7 p.m. at the Genoa Town Hall

Information: 782-8696


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