Gibbons Selected for energy department reorganization panel

WASHINGTON - Nevada Congressman Jim Gibbons was named on Tuesday to a bipartisan oversight panel on the reorganization of the Department of Energy.

Gibbons, R-Nev., was appointed by House Armed Services Committee Chairman Floyd Spence, R-S.C., because of his background in intelligence from two wars and his familiarity with the Nevada Test Site.

''This is a great opportunity to make sure Nevada's voice is heard,'' Gibbons said in a statement, noting that oversight of the Nevada Test Site will fall under the newly formed agency within the DOE.

Following President Clinton's signing last week of the National Defense Authorization Act, Spence announced formation of the special oversight panel to work with the administration on the reorganization proposals mandated by the new law.

The legislation creates a semi-autonomous National Nuclear Security Administration within DOE to better manage and secure U.S. nuclear weapons programs.

Gibbons, who is one of eight House members named to the panel, said the administration and the Congress must do everything possible to prevent another theft of nuclear secrets.


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