Insurance says no to gun club

If the insurance company has its way, the Carson Rifle and Pistol Club will not be allowed to use the rifle range on the Carson High School campus.

"They don't want to work with us," said Chris Hill, vice president of the gun club.

The club agreed last week to raise its insurance coverage from $2 million to $5 million in hopes that the school's insurance carrier would continue to insure the school and allow the club to use the range.

However, Hill said that Coregis Insurance, a Chicago-based company, refused the offer this week.

"No matter what we do insurance-wise, they won't cover us," Hill said.

The three-year insurance policy expires in June and will go out for bid to the general public.

Hill said he is hopeful that the district will find another carrier that will allow the club to use the range.

"What we're hoping is that we can use our insurance as a primary and the school's insurance as a secondary when we're using the facility," he said.

Hill said the club members still want to work with the district to find a solution that would satisfy both sides.

"At this point, what we want to do is work with the school district and come to an amicable agreement," Hill said. "It's not their fault that Coregis won't cover them and the school does need insurance."

However, he said he feels that the gun club has done its part.

"We've made every concession we've been asked to make up until this time, including some that we've considered a financial hardship," Hill said. "But we really want to make this thing work, too."

Carson City School District Director of Operations Mike Mitchell was in a meeting Friday and unavailable for comment.


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