Law firm gives brewery a reboot

A donation from a Carson City law firm will help the Brewery Arts Center rebound from last week's break-in and theft.

Crowell Susich Owens and Tackes donated $500 to the center to go toward replacing a computer that was stolen on Feb. 13, when thieves pried open two doors and walked away with a server that connected the center's computers to each other and to the Internet.

"We wanted to make a little investment in the community," said Bob Crowell. "We're always on the lookout for something to do." The firm also helped the Children's Museum of Northern Nevada when a thief took $3,000 of donated money from its coffers on Nevada Day.

The missing computer, combined with damages to the front and office doors, will cost the Brewery Arts Center $3,000. It is unlikely that the high-deductible property insurance will cover the loss.

Despite the extent of the loss, Brewery Arts Center Executive Director Joe McCarthy said other protections in the building prevented anything worse.

"We were pleased that cash controls worked so well," He said. "We always make sure any money is in the bank by evening."

An unremovable safe also keeps valuables out of danger and potential thieves at bay.

Beyond removing cash from the building every night, security is ensured with heavy doors locking off different sections of the building. The doors are designed to keep intruders out. Since the break-in, locks have been changed and upgraded, McCarthy said.

"We're taking extra security measures," he said.

Investigators believe the break-in and computer theft occurred after 6 p.m. that Sunday. Investigators believe the intruder also attempted to steal a printer, but was unsuccessful.

Total cost for the system, peripheral terminals and tech support to download files is estimated at $5,700, McCarthy said.

"That computer had the works," he said. "A large hard drive, a backup drive ... the works." He said a replacement system is already on order - with a hefty price tag of $1,800.

Someone will have to be paid to connect the computers and download files.

Leads were scarce at the crime scene, limiting Carson City sheriff's investigators. They have not been able to locate the computer or suspects, said Chief Sheriff's Deputy Scott Burau.

Meanwhile, the center is keeping an eye on its tight budget.

"The theft wasn't financially threatening to us," McCarthy said. "It causes a financial crush for us, but we will survive and eventually we will be back to normal."


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