Letter: Ackerman editorial

Mr. Ackerman, you still don't get it!

In answer to your editorial of Dec. 7, this is not about school bonds, library bonds, skyrocketing medical costs or other calamities. This brouhaha is strictly about the senior center.

All we were asking for was a good hot meal, adequate parking without walking two blocks, and we sure don't need an ex-military drill sergeant bossing us around or threatening a volunteer with a knife. We don't need him coming to the tables and telling us we have five minutes to leave. This was at 20 until one o'clock. Then he comes back and holds up four fingers. If I found the numbers decreased from 250-300 daily for lunch to 150-200 per day, and a large number of volunteers were quitting, I would find out why.

Get this through your head. We are not habitual bitchers. All we want is to see the center get back like it was when we first came to Carson City; a place to go and enjoy a good meal, visit with friends, play games and just have a good time.


Carson City


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