Letter: anti-environmentalists

Publisher Mel Steninger wrote, "An appropriate quantity of rotenone (an insecticide) dumped into (their habitat) would effectively and abruptly halt federal attempts at usurpation." Steninger later even objected to the Nevada Forestry Division planting trees on scenic parts of the I-80 freeway. The New York Times isn't much better. They refuse to print "copy" about Nevada's super-militant anti-environmentalists.

The Third Millennium was supposed to be the age when we began to save our beleaguered planet. Instead, we're dumping in more wetlands, paving under open space, desertifying our grasslands, berating our president for halting pork barrel roads into our disappearing forest wildlands and trying to kill federal land administrators like Guy Pence.

In Montana, fellow Rebels boated down the Missouri River and dismantled a spectacular natural arch that even awed Lewis and Clark. Why? - to protest a wilderness study area. Our "cheatgrass insurrection" wants it all - opulence and wealth - now.

Too many of us don't want to hear about this: all species of salmon (except one) are on the EPA threatened list. The steelhead trout is endangered. Paperwork has actually started on listing the dumbest fish in the world that begs to be caught. Today, codfish numbers are now so low they may not be able to "school" and reproduce. The cod may soon become the "passenger pigeon" of the sea.

NOAA experts now tell us "Fujita 4 and 5" tornadoes and huge killer hurricanes will double because of global warming. Our weather is being distorted. Part of the reason is clear-cutting ancient rain forests. Add to this ozone depletion that now causes 17 million melanoma deaths a year. People are now getting this once rare skin cancer inside the gut!

There's a fearsome "Gaia Theory" hatched at Cambridge University; the planet itself is a living, breathing organism that can retaliate against "irritants" like us. The Ebola virus may have been a warning. We just had the 6 billionth child born last year. It will be 10 billion by the year 2020.

May I suggest a new slogan for our Sagebrush Rebellion. It's from an Alaska logger's bumper sticker: "Posterity Be Damned."


Co-Founder and Director

Nevada Outdoor Recreation Association


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