Letter: Bypass needed badly; path shouldn't delay it

I am amazed about the flap over the bike path on the freeway. How can 400 people hold up something that is needed so badly? Obviously these people are not driving around Carson City at peak hours and weekends. Also, I do not feel a freeway is a proper place for a bike path. I don't know what the design would be, but if it is anything like the bike path on Fifth street, it is a disaster waiting to happen. I have seen several close calls at the corner of Fifth and Stewart streets where for some reason the biker feels he/she had the right of way. I would never argue with an automobile and certainly not assume the driver will let me go first. One of these people even crossed Stewart Street while the Stewart Street light was green. This was a grown woman, not a child. If they (the groups requesting these additional items) want them so badly, they should raise the money and not expect the entire taxpaying public to subsidize their idea and then it could be constructed someplace safe.




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