Letter: Clear Creek Camp

For some time, Clear Creek Youth Camp has had shrinking user groups, deferred maintenance and tax-dollar subsidies to support its operations. As a member of the Clear Creek community for six years, and part of Northern Nevada for 16 years, Rite of Passage wants to be a solution for the State.

Unlike what was represented in the Feb. 27 article, Rite of Passage does not intend to rent all of the Clear Creek Camp or to exclude any user groups. Rather, Rite of Passage expressed an interest with the objective of establishing a partnership that will increase the user-base and increase revenue for Clear Creek Youth Camp, as well as re-establish the camp as a resource for the State of Nevada and Carson City.

Clear Creek could be established as a Conference Center through increased maintenance, repairs and expanded services for the benefit of all user groups. ROP students would participate in a construction trades program, which would focus on the upgrading and maintenance of the Clear Creek facility at no labor cost to the state. In addition, students and staff could operate a ropes course, culinary arts and janitorial services.

Rite of Passage wants to be a cost-effective solution for Clear Creek, which benefits all user groups, Carson City and the state of Nevada.


Business Manager


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