Letter: Clear Creek Youth Center

For the past 25 years or so, it has been operated by the state of Nevada for the benefit of Nevada citizens, most often used by school, youth, church and civic groups. The state has not allocated enough funds to keep the camp updated and properly maintained and now may eliminate it because it is not self-sustaining. Of course, no state property or agency is "self sustaining," but due to the political power now resting in southern Nevada, it is difficult to get anyone to see the advantage of investing in a northern facility that promotes and assists the youth of this state to lead the good life. They seem more willing to put our tax money in jails and detention centers at five times the cost, However.

This camp is used by youth groups from all over the state including Las Vegas. We wonder why it is that the elected officials of this state waste so much money as they did during the last session and can't see the benefits of this camp to the young people of this state as well as all the other citizens of Nevada.

We think it time for all our elected officials to stand up and let their constituents know just where they stand on providing for our youth - whether "pork barrel" projects are more important than our kids. After all, it is our tax money they are spending.

They complain that the camp is "underutilized" and then sign leases and contract with private groups that prevent many of the loyal user groups from being able to use the camp due to unacceptable liabilities and limited facilities.

We applaud our new governor for being cost conscious, as he should be where waste in government is concerned, but this camp is not one of those areas. This camp is now and has been in the past a place where young people can have the opportunity to address the concerns of their schools and reduce violence and racial tensions in their schools. This is a place where hearing impaired children have the opportunity to experience the freedom of outdoor life. This is a place where girls from all over the state attend Girls State every year and the Girl Scouts, YMCA Guides and Princesses enjoy this beautiful place and learn many lessons that stay with them all their lives. This is a place that many church groups use as their retreats for spiritual renewal. This is a place that must stay open for the use of all the citizens of Nevada.

We urge the governor and our state legislators to participate in an open public meeting with all interested parties to resolve the problems at Clear Creek Youth Center and to find a way to upgrade, promote and guarantee the future of this wonderful place.

We also urge everyone interested in our young people to participate in any way they can and to contact their representatives and urge them to do whatever is necessary to preserve this irreplaceable treasure.


Carson City


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