Letter: correction

I know your policy is to correct errors right away, and I found a big one that needs your correction. I realize it is harder to correct a guest opinion, but I am sure you do not want untruths in your paper.

I refer you to the Yucca Mountain by Ray Bacon article, Feb. 27.

Please note the third paragraph on Gloria Flora. "She isolated a small community and restricted access to residents and visitors in an action that looks like a military siege of the community of Jarbidge." We all should know that the community of Jarbidge has two roads into the community and neither one was ever threatened. Anyone can visit the community at any time unless the roads are closed from a big snow storm. The road in question is only one and one-half miles long and goes to a campground/trailhead into a wilderness area. It does not harm the town of Jarbidge at all. The folks there are free to come and go at will.

Please make this correction as this type of information is only confusing to those concerned citizens who do not know the area.


Carson City


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