Letter: from taxpayers to DMV

Amy Lewis' letter titled "Employees knew Genesis wasn't ready" speaks for DMV employees and herself. I now speak for taxpayers and myself.

There are many duties owed on both sides of every employer/employee/employment contract. When informed of any impending disaster or even a predictable minor loss, business managers have a duty owed to promptly prevent and mitigate that loss.

Employees have the highest duty owed to promptly inform management of each and every peril seen along with predictable consequences. This is especially important where health and safety matters are concerned.

Our governor has a local office with an open door. Either phone first for an appointment or simply walk on in any time during business hours. Anonymous snipes, snivels and whines in newspaper letters didn't discharge employees' duties owed to inform management at every level.

With $35 million at stake and a disaster clearly predictable by all hands- on up-front employees deeply concerned, how many individually or in groups constructively gave sufficient "notice of impending loss" regarding Genesis? Those who did not clearly breached their employment contract big time.

The Genesis disaster happened as predicted. Now citizens are forced to line up for hours for service and become irate with the "up-front" DMV employees. Citizens were not only "ushered out by doormen" as you say, they were ejected by jack-booted, armed, NHP thugs arbitrarily there to protect you. Citizens had to endure indignities lest they be unregistered, unlicensed and fined.

If their workplace has become too stressful, I see no alternative but for Amy and the others to quit. Simply walk out. Citizens don't have that option.

I must now mark "yes" on my license renewal application for a "mental and emotional disorder." I live in fear that you will all be replaced by former and still employed SIIS employees who have hiring preferences. I will not be alone in marking that space and giving the reasons why.


Carson City


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