Letter: gas taxes

Gasoline today has 52 cents a gallon tax; 10 cents a gallon goes right to the city in addition to something the state collects and owes us. The schools are the largest spender of my property tax money. On my last tax bill, school operation and school debt were 50 percent of my property tax, and I don't live in a very expensive house.

Back in 1983, California was voting on Prop. 13. It was passed and their property taxes dropped about one half. The next year, the Nevada voters voted on Prop. 6 which was almost the same as California's. My property taxes next year dropped from around $650 a year down to $322 a year. Of course, the governor and all the big shot politicians told everyone the state would go bankrupt.

It's not hard to see why the schools need more money. The immigrant school children have about doubled the school population. So now they have to have more teachers who speak Spanish. All the property owners are paying for this! I, for one, am fed up with more taxes. Absolutely no more school bonds until the last bond has been paid for. My services are just fine. If you people can't get by on the taxes you receive now, cut services! Cut bilingual education.


Carson City


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