Letter: guest opinion was c___

Regarding the guest opinion by Sen. Richard Bryan. As usual, he and his cohort Sen. Harry Reid are full of crap!

Anything done by the 106th Congress that was good was done by the Republicans. What was not done was due to the Republicans. The fact is some things not done are or will be shown to be a greater benefit to the taxpayer!

Example: This screw-the-cigarette-smoking-working-man is BS! I don't smoke, and if those people passing the tobacco tax were concerned about health - why not pass a law prohibiting the item?

Sen. Bryan, I still have your letters with your bull Medicare of the 1994 election. I have your lies of why you didn't do your duty and vote guilty for your scum bag cowardly Clinton!

Bryan, you've complained about nuclear waste, etc. that not Nevada but your cowardly self-seeking do-nothing has yet - just once suggested where to deposit this waste. If you have the courage (Reid too!) make a better suggestion than the Yucca area. I'll help you: Rhode Island or Delaware?

Tell Nevadans how France receives more than 80 percent of their electric power from nuclear reactors. The French are not in panic over waste or transportation!

You liberals dishonestly promote scare tactics, but if there was a dollar to enhance your already ill will-filled pocket, I doubt you'd spew your liberal lying views.

Bryan, your tossing money at problems is BS. Your so-called education problem lies in government interference. It's ironic that you think no vouchers, but send your children to private schools.

Bryan, you mention 11 years in the Senate. As far as I'm concerned, you have been a waste of Nevada's tax money! In reality, you and Reid haven't done a damned thing to benefit Nevada. This BS you and Reid spew about getting federal funds for this or that never mention it is our own tax money, not you giving us something.

Again, Bryan, Congress had chances and you, one of them, missed it as I've described above.

And to end this letter directed to you, Bryan, you omit scumbag Clinton's accepting funds from foreign countries and all the other illegal machinations by the Clinton administration.

Oh, one more thing, Bryan, you Democrats had the power in Congress for 40 years to have solved all the ills you described that the 106th Congress missed solving.

Tell us, Nevadans, why they were not solved by you lying liberals.

Bryan, you and Reid go on preying on and scaring the elderly, but as I reach (with a little luck) 70 years, I am not affected by your lying rhetoric. I feel sorry for those unwitting, ignorant voters who have supported you, Reid, Gore and the scumbag, lying, crooked Clintons.


Carson City


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