Letter: leap year confusion

I'm confused. I see the headlines in the Nevada Appeal from the Associated Press about this being the first leap year in 400 years to start a century.

If my calculations are correct this leap year ends a century. I've never heard of the year 0 AD. If there is a 0 AD then there must be a 0 BC. Now that would be confusing, wouldn't it?

Assuming that our calendar starts with the year 1 AD, that's what my genealogy programs tell me, then the second century started with the year 101. Following that through, then the 21st century doesn't start until the year 2001.

I keep hearing that the year 2000 started a new millennium. Pardon me, but my calculations indicate that the new millennium doesn't start until next year. I suppose it is not important in the great scheme of thing if the media wants to keep up this distortion, but I just had to say something for the sake of my sanity.




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