Letter: look at both sides

In reply to your editorial on the senior center on Nov. 30, I would like to ask how many times have you been to our senior center? Not too many times from the tone of your editorial.

Not enough parking is a perfectly legitimate concern. If you had been at the meeting on Nov. 5, you would have heard the executive board agree that the problem needs to be addressed.

Granted the meals only cost $2 or nothing, if you can't afford to pay, but with a "state of the art" kitchen, I see no reason for the meals to be served lukewarm and become cold before you are finished eating. Are the steam tables turned off too soon, or are they not turned high enough?

I did not witness the knife incident, but there were six people who did. It was not the figment of someone's imagination, and your remark about it being related to the absence of peanut butter pie was totally ludicrous.

Volunteers who have given five, six and seven years or more volunteering have in some instances not been treated fairly. They are all lovely people who genuinely love our center and the people who come to it.

Financial records have not been available when asked for, and since the city owns the center, shouldn't they be doing an audit to see how the funds from the Senior Follies and the golf tournament were dispersed? Other centers and ours used to print a financial statement every month in the senior newsletter. Why was this discontinued?

I don't recall any of us saying that we do not appreciate our senior center. We are all grateful for it and the services it renders, but when we're getting 100 to 150 people (not 200 every day) coming to eat when it used to be jam-packed with people waiting for tables, I think that it is perfectly legitimate to be asking why the drop in attendance? This is a democracy we live in, or so I thought. So please stop the sarcasm and come over and observe and find out what the problems are and use your paper to help solve them.

We are old but not in spirit, we are not cranky, we are not bitchy, we are not senile, we are not trouble makers and we are not terrorists, as we were called in a previous letter to your paper.

We were raised during the Great Depression, we fought in World War II and the Korean War, we love each other, our children, our grandchildren and our great-grandchildren. We love our God, our country, our state, our town and our senior center, so please don't be so judgmental! Give us a break and look at both sides.


Carson City


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