Letter: medical group who are people oriented

Don't go to some medical offices unless your wallet is full or you have only the insurance they accept. The doctor was nice but they had off-putting business practices where "Show me the money" seemed to be the main theme.

Intense interest in payment was their first question and the exit door opened into a small cubicle where you had to pay before escaping.

After my visit, my husand made an appointment when our insurance became effective. Upon arriving, we were informed our insurance would not be accepted. They could see him, but he would have to pay the full amount and be reimbursed by our insurance. KaChang$$. The purpose of insurance is to avoid expensive out-of-pocket expenditures.

The corporation had no interest in resolving this inexcusable situation or keeping us as patients. Money was clearly their primary goal. We left feeling ashamed of this money-hungry group.

Things happen as they're supposed to, however, as we found a group who does put people first. Dr. Mayer Horenstein of Mountain Meadows Medical in Gardnerville is one of those humble, old-time, caring physicians who rarely exist any more. His group didn't care that my husband forgot to grab the checkbook the day of his appointment. It was quite clear their patients come before the almighty buck. We found not only a caring doctor but a great human being as well.

Part of the problem lies with insurance regulations but part lies with greed; medical corporations that care more about the bottom line than human life. In too many cases, the Hippocratic oath a doctor takes vowing to make human life their primary goal has become a hypocritical oath. KaChang$$.


Carson City


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