Letter: National Conservation area

Sen. Richard Bryan should be commended for his efforts to create a National

Conservation Area in the Black Rock Desert and High Rock Canyons of

Northern Nevada.

I hope that Nevadans will recognize the importance of protecting the biological and historical integrity of this region for future generations, and will encourage Sen. Harry Reid and Rep. Jim Gibbons to support Bryan in this effort. The Black Rock National Conservation Area will ensure that these unique and fragile wildlands are protected from ecologically damaging activities while still allowing public access and multiple use.

In addition, in order to adequately protect the biological diversity and scenic beauty of the Black Rock Desert and High Rock Canyons, we should encourage Sen. Bryan to designate all of the current 11 BLM Wilderness Study Areas as formal wilderness, as well as two additional areas of immense ecological importance, known as Razor Canyon and Emigrant Arch.

As Americans, we are fortunate to still retain a rich biological heritage and large tracts of

wild, public lands. It is our responsibility to look toward future generations and protect the natural processes and ecosystems which will sustain them and fill their lives with the wonder of wilderness.


University of Nevada, Reno

Center for Environmental Arts and Humanities



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