Letter: neglect is neglect

I have just finished reading my Friday copy of the Appeal, and I find myself in deep thought over two equally tragic stories.

The first one involved a mother who lost a little girl in an apartment fire and now may face charges of child neglect because she was at a neighbor's.

The second story was about a woman who lost her son to a car jacker who dragged her son to death, but that car was left running with the keys in it while the protector of this child was getting take-out food.

Should not the second story receive the same kind of child neglect review as the first?

I believe she is just as guilty as the first for leaving a 6-year-old alone in a car. Neglect is neglect. Both resulted in death.

How many times have I seen this done in Carson City? Several. But now I will be looking more, and when I see it, I will report it. Children need not suffer for the stupidity of those who they think are there to protect them.


Carson City


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