Letter: Opposition to path shortsighted

The decision of the Carson City Chamber of Commerce to withhold support of the freeway multi-use path is clearly an issue of not looking beyond its own back yard.

Quality of life has been documented as a primary reason for businesses and individuals to select Carson City as their home. The negative impacts of a freeway constructed through residential and commercial areas will include traffic noise, increased pollution, division of neighborhoods, reduced values for bordering residential properties, obstruction of natural views, and limited egress between east and west sections of town.

Two local organizations have developed compensating concepts. GROW presented the plan to landscape the freeway banks and byways with natural habitat, to reduce the blight and provide ecological benefit to the community.

Recreational use of the adjoining area, proposed by Muscle Powered and supported by GROW, is logical, practical, and brings added value to all of Carson City by increasing life quality opportunities. At last, a place to

walk or bicycle free from traffic hazards!

Use of freeway perimeters for recreational purposes is a unique concept that is likely to bring attention to Carson City as a model for other communities, as well as benefit our city. I urge each of you to make your support of this important project known to Chamber of Commerce and Board of Supervisor members. You can contact either Anne Macquarie of Muscle Powered, or Mary Fischer of GROW, for more information.

I also urge the Chamber to consider the long-term benefits of a bypass linear park, and add its support to enhancing quality of life in Carson City.


Carson City


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