Letter: Partisan politics only reason for change?

As a resident of Assembly District 40, I was very disturbed to read Sen. Mark Amodei's remarks at the recent GOP precinct meeting (Nevada Appeal article "Carson Republicans make suggestions for platform," March 22).

Sen. Amodei said that the priority for the Carson GOP should be regaining the State Assembly seat from Democrat Bonnie Parnell. This, sadly enough, is an example of pure partisan politics and explains why many are choosing not to be involved in either of the major political parties. Partisanship over common sense does not make any sense to those of us who are looking for the right person for the job. Voting someone into office purely on the basis of party affiliation is ludicrous.

As a voter who still has faith in the system, I believe Sen. Amodei's statement is representative of the "party politics" mentality which is being rejected by an informed, concerned pubic. We know that job performance is what really counts, not party affiliation. Assemblywoman Parnell has certainly served, and continues to serve, the constituents of District 40 admirably. She has developed a reputation of being very accessible and responsive to those she serves.

Democrats and Republicans alike are best served by an individual who exemplifies hard work, integrity and dedication. Maintaining effective government by keeping such individuals in office is the priority of the voters. Assemblywoman Parnell is definitely one of those individuals.


Carson City


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