Letter: Path would add to Carson's visual appeal

Letter to the editor and open letter to the Carson City Chamber of Commerce:

I feel your group is being very short-sighted in glossing over Carson City's potential benefit from the bike path/green space proposed in connection with the new freeway. Merchants will benefit from this kind of city attraction. More and more people are getting on bikes for pleasure as well as for transportation these days.

Good area bike paths will definitely draw people to Carson City, and money will be spent by these tourists - and by locals. With the number of casinos already in the planning stages on Indian ground in California, much of the gambling revenue is definitely going to be going elsewhere. Why not be farsighted enough to explore some appealing, alternative methods of attracting people to Carson City? Why not add visual appeal to the city's already fascinating historical appeal? This is not just another "new freeway" in Nevada. This is a new freeway in the state's historic capital city! Think about it.


Carson City


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