Letter: People of Carson City lend strong support

Advocates to End Domestic Violence would like to take this opportunity to express our deepest gratitude to St. Teresa's Church, St. Paul's Lutheran Family Church and many other organizations in our Carson City community who year after year either participate in or sponsor activities that directly benefit domestic violence victims, their children and the shelter.

St. Teresa Church holds an annual scavenger hunt that loaded a whole vehicle with toys, diapers, wipes, books, tapes, etc., items that help our women and children in all kinds of ways. St. Paul's Lutheran Family Church spends time each month sewing and making handmade quilts and security sacks that we give to each child when they arrive feeling scared and unsure. But each group somehow manages to fill special 'gaps" that our grants and funding can't begin to cover. This oh, so human element can't be bought, priced or even sometimes verbalized. Yet when a need is there, somehow it almost magically appears on our doorstep. The people of Carson City provide this piece to Advocates day in and day out; making our efforts and reach to our victims a longer and even stronger arm or shoulder for them to lean on.

Thank you all.

LISA LEE, Director

Advocates to End Domestic Violence


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