Letter: praise for Golf Corp

After two years of successful operation, it is time to give the Carson City Municipal Golf Corp. praise for doing a great job. With the exception of some minor trouble spots, both East and West golf courses are well maintained, and rates, especially, are being held at the levels established.

General Manager Mike McGehee and his staff do an outstanding job in the ongoing management of the course. The service staffs, both in the pro shop and restaurant, are very friendly and helpful, the food is excellent and customers are treated courteously, promptly and professionally. Personnel maintaining the course give their all to keep it in the best condition they can.

The financial status of the operating fund is in good condition which means that the corporation has made some very important and sound decisions in order to achieve their goals. This is being accomplished despite the many obstacles they have encountered which include a troublesome irrigation system, undue scrutiny by many federal agencies over various parts of the operation and dealing with a highly competitive market due to the increasing number of courses that have been built in our area.

They have a good amount of tournament play that is paramount to their success. One of their slogans is "Affordable Golf" and for the quality of services provided, I believe that the city has accomplished its task in providing the residents of Carson City with a golf course operation that truly is affordable and provides quality golf experience for both residents and non-residents.

The CCMGC has proven a willingness to listen to and value the participation of residents in the community. Both the employees and the corporation board of directors are to be commended for their continuing success.


Carson City


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