Letter: Problems at VA Center

Having had experience using the Reno VA Medical Center for the past two years, I was shocked to read the letter to the editor in the Sunday paper. I am also a disabled veteran and have never received anything except top professional care at the Reno VA Medical Center.

Having had surgery just last October and as an inpatient for a few days, I was able to experience the professionalism with which the staff carried out their duties to ensure patient care. I am only able to speak for myself based on first-hand experiences I've had at this facility.

Having also been a patient at other hospitals not in the Reno area, I would compare my treatment at the Reno VA above all the places that I have been treated. I am sorry this veteran perceives the VA Medical Center in the tone that he does. All of the personnel I have had dealings with since I began using this facility have been nothing but professional in every manner one could expect and the medical facility is first class, providing the best of care.

I am not doubting that this fellow veteran has experienced problems in receiving benefits through the VA system to which he is entitled, I just wish to portray another opinion as experienced first hand.


Carson City


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