Letter: rebuttal to Senior article

This letter is in rebuttal to the article appearing on the front page of your paper last Sunday which gives the general public an erroneous opinion of our Carson City Senior Citizens Center.

There are a great many seniors who actually appreciate our center, including the volunteers and the paid staff members. As I was the first volunteer put to work in our new building in June of 1990, getting a few other volunteers used to the larger telephone system and other reception desk functions, I know what it is to work and get along with different personalities. Everyone was excited to take on these new duties in our beautiful facility where I have volunteered ever since, helping in all the various clerical assistant positions. I also volunteer in the senior gift shop, which is wonderful!

My husband, Les, has volunteered as long, but in addition has been an eight-year advisory board member, which is an elected position voted by all the seniors in the center. He has been chairman of this board for almost six years now. He also comes in very early once or twice a week to be sure the coffee is made so when anyone wants a cup, it is ready. He kids a lot to get everyone in a good mood, especially if they are alone or look as if they have a problem. Pretty soon, everyone is in a smiley, good mood. He will even pour tea into your coffee if you're not careful.

I only mention the above because we thoroughly enjoy the friendliness, cheerful people and those wiling to help others as volunteers.

The members who are upset over a few petty things need to focus on the great things we have to offer instead of the negative. Just what would some seniors do were it not for our beautiful center? They might not see a friendly face all day, have no one who seems to care how they are doing or feeling or more importantly, have a nourishing meal at all! The staff, volunteers and other members are, and should be, friendly and willing to lend a helping hand to those entering the center for the first time or on a daily basis.

We all have aches and pains, or sometimes just feel out of sorts. By coming into the center and looking around, you will see and hear some who are really suffering.

Instead of all this nit-picking, be thankful that you can be there to enjoy some of the many activities offered (most are free of charge) and the nutritious meals. I'm sure your mothers weren't all great cooks and sometimes you wish your own cooking or baking turned out a bit tastier. We are not all fantastic cooks!

This is the season to be thankful for our health, our families, our friends, our country and yes, our wonderful senior citizens center. Please realize this and pass it on.


Carson City


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