Letter: Sagebrush vandals

I have read the articles on the Sagebrush Rebel actions on the Jarbridge Road. It upsets me that some local people seem to think this was a heroic effort and not an act of vandalism. If they had gone ahead and worked on the road, it would have been against the law and they should have been prosecuted.

It seems that some have forgotten how our government works. The public land is public domain owned by all Americans. How do we Americans manage that land? We hire managers. How do we hire them? We vote in the political party that most follows what we believe in. Note the three Democrats to one Republican in Nevada's Congressional Delegation. In surveys, the majority of Americans want more, not less, environmental controls. So if you don't like the way the land is managed, get political and change the ones in power. If you do like the management, as I do, then I work to put back people in Congress who feel the same way.

Republicans should be ashamed to see the Republican party title put with those Sagebrush Rebels willing to break the law on a road to nowhere. This road does not abandon people and houses. It abandons a wilderness campground that you can still get to by walking or ATV.


Carson City


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