Letter: sexual harrassment not the issue

As a wrestler from DHS, I've been paying close attention to what's been happening as far as the alleged "sexual harassment" situation. I've read all the articles that have been published, and most of the stuff printed was completely twisted to make the situation look worse than it really is.

A good example of this twisted literature would be this week's article from the lady in Silver Springs. She talked about a wrestler who did an illegal move to Trista that hurt her wrist. Well, the wrestler who supposedly did that "illegal" move that hurt her wrist was me. Trista and I were wrestling, and I simply grabbed her wrist to do the fireman's carry, a completely legal move, and one of her veins popped. There were three other wrestlers watching.

Another statement that was not completely true was about the hotel accommodations. There was only one overnight tournament that Trista did not attend. None of the junior varsity team went except our backup 119-pound wrestler because of doubts about our varsity teammate not being able to wrestle. He was injured in a previous match. This left the manager as the only girl. Coach Bennett came to the decision that paying for one girl to have a room was ridiculous considering we had four boys to each room. Any of the other wrestlers could perform the duties expected of a manager.

Obviously the person who wrote the article had an unreliable source, probably the same source that the paper had.




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