Letter: Silver Springs Spay/Neuter program

As one of the many recipients of assistance from Silver Springs Spay/Neuter Program, I was pleased to read Nancy Dallas' front page coverage of its organization in the Nevada Appeal of Feb. 19. The founders, Tom and Lee Bloomquist, were also highlighted in this interesting article.

This project evolved from the untimely death of their beloved flat-coated retriever, Truckee, and is a living tribute to his spirit. Through the Internet, they have been able to place a rescued cat and dog in good homes for me. They covered the cost of neutering another one of my rescued, pound-bound dogs.

Tom and Lee are an intelligent, hard-working couple, who not only devote their time and effort to this cause, but also their incomes. But like Blanche in "A Street Car Named Desire," they must depend upon the kindness of strangers.

Any donation to the Silver Springs Spay/Neuter project is tax-deductible. The donations go directly to the operations of this worthwhile community service. Enough donations of $5 or more can bring their dreams of expanding this facility to reality.

For donations or information contact them at (775) 577-3518. The address is Box 403, Silver Springs 89429. The need is great, so thank you for your generosity and consideration.


Carson City


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