Letter: thanks for supporting bike path

I want to thank the board of supervisors for adopting a resolution of support for the shared-use/bicycle trail along the Carson City freeway. Their vote demonstrates a commitment to maintaining the quality of life in Carson City as we grow. It was great to know the voice of the people was heard by our leaders.

The trail will provide a place for all who live and visit to walk, jog, bicycle or in-line skate that is separate from the roadway. The trail is a benefit even if you never use it, for it removes these users from the streets where they are a concern to drivers.

My concern is that the remarks made by the Department of Transpiration didn't commit to building the trail. They simply said they would work with the community. This has been said before. Let's not get complacent. The board of supervisors and the public must continue to monitor this project.


Carson City


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