Letter: Too much blame on anti-environmentalists

Just a little observation on Mr. Charles S. Watson, Jr.'s letter in the March 12 Sunday paper ("Anti-environmentalist ... greedy").

Wow! Who would have thought that "mega-tornados," hurricanes, the "ozone layer," "world population" and the "federal budget" could all stem from a dirt road in rural Nevada that allows a few local fishermen to enjoy an outdoor sport in the wilderness!

Some people can really be creative in using the "inductive reasoning" concepts (using a little information to create a big picture).

It seems quite obvious that Mr. Watson Jr. has never visited the "Jarbidge Range," a remote area in northeast Nevada where there are over 40 square miles for every person, the federal government owns vast stretches of "unspoiled" land and the jack rabbits and coyotes outnumber man by a huge amount.

Settle down, Mr. Watson Jr.! Life is not that bad.


Carson City


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