Letter: truancy not mother's fault

This is in response to Jessi Winchester.

Yes, it is wrong to imprison the parent for the misdeeds of the child. However, the social implications, possible job loss, homelessness, are the wrong issues. What is at stake with the Bailey case is justice.

The law says you are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Mrs. Bailey was proven innocent but found guilty by means of an unconstitutional law that holds that one person (parent) is responsible for the action of another (child).

The law states that a parent must see to it that the child attends school. Mrs. Bailey did that. The child admitted under oath in a court of law that her mother did that. She freely admitted that she, herself, chose not to attend and took heroic measures to keep her mother ignorant.

The law provides jail time for the parent if guilty of aiding and abetting truant behavior. Mrs. Bailey did not conspire to keep her daughter out of school for more than half of a year. Mrs. Bailey only worked full time to support her children, and that is her crime.

As for the child, she will suffer the consequences later as she tries to find a job with no education. For women, this is no slap on the wrist, but hard time. Ask her mother.


Carson City


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