Letter: wild horses killed for multitude of reasons

Dan Holub, Gardnerville, wrote an impassioned letter about the wild horses being removed from Fish Springs in the Nevada Appeal on Feb. 27. I couldn't agree more with him and I know many others do also.

He blamed the BLM for the issue and that is not entirely factual. You can blame the BLM for the methods used but the real reason the horses are being killed is to accommodate the American diet for "glow burgers" and other cuts of meat. More and more people are cutting back on that but even if we stopped eating the stuff altogether, ranching interests would intensify their recovery mode and still kill all the horses.

Horsemeat is a delicacy with the French, and I'm sure many of our horses satisfy their urges as well.

I wonder if Nevada's current reclassification of pets as livestock and the resulting minimum tax thereon helps pay for the horse killings? I know it pays for the poisoning and steel jaw trapping of animals considered predators.

The last session of the legislature passed bills to further justify that process.

Too bad the same attitude isn't applied to the human predators in our society, but then animals have no money and can't vote.

Those concerned with dolphins might also consider cutting back on tuna fish as well.


Carson City


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