Letter: Y2K meeting

Concerned Citizens for Y2K held a meeting Nov. 17 at the Ormsby House. Speakers were Charlie Graves, Y2K coordinator for Nevada Bell. He was convincing in their preparedness and testing for any emergency. He did advise don't use the telephone New Year's Eve unless you must. Therefore, don't call your Aunt Minnie in Minnesota to wish her a Happy New Year on the 31st or wait until Monday.

Tom Loux of the Department of Information Technology spoke of their changes and asking their ability to deliver essential services and welfare checks and food stamps among other things.

Since the media is now saturated with Y2K, the next and last meeting will be Dec. 1 at the Ormsby House. Signs in front of the elevators will indicate room and floor. The speakers will be John Temple for the Y2K Team, U.S. Postal Service. Mr. Temple is in charge of all the post offices in Nevada and part of California. The second speaker is Judy Henderson of the American Red Cross who will give an update of their guidelines for all emergencies.

Since we started last January, over 300 people have attended our meetings. Perhaps some of you will join us at the final meeting and hear what the postal service has done, is doing and answer any questions concerning delivery in the United States, Europe, Mexico and other countries of the world.

Many thanks to the Ormsby House for graciously providing us with a place to meet these 12 months, and the many speakers who gave their time and energy.

Remember our motto: Don't panic, be prepared and keep one another and remember, in being prepared, generally evacuation shelters won't accept animals so locate a place for your pet beforehand - just in case. Keep a current photo of your animals and make sure that each is wearing an identification that includes a phone number.

Adios and best in the new millennium.


Concerned Citizens for Y2K


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