Lyon County receives six requests for development grants

YERINGTON - Six projects are vying to be one of Lyon County's two applications for Community Development Block Grant funding support.

Agencies presenting requests to commissioners included:

-- Silver Springs General Improvement District - to help subsidize costs of individual residences being hooked up to the new wastewater treatment system.

-- Fernley Senior Center - to renovate the existing kitchen/plumbing and expand the dining and recreation areas of the existing facility.

-- Dayton Senior Center - to expand to accommodate a new multi-purpose room and alleviate problems being caused by overcrowded conditions.

-- Mason Valley Swimming Pool - to remodel, expand and upgrade current building and build a new toddler's pool.

-- Silver Springs Mutual Water Co. - Replace the troubled Deodar Well that has been plagued with high nitrate concerns.

-- Silver Springs Mutual Water Co. - Alternative proposal of installing a sanitary seal on Deodar Well instead of replacing well.

Lyon County Administrative Assistant and CDBG contact person Maureen Willis said any non-profit agency that meets the national objectives of the program may put in applications for the grants, but the county is allowed to submit only two to the state.

"Once the two are selected, they are forwarded to the state. They then submit all applications from around the state to HUD for consideration," Will said. "How many are selected generally depends on how much funding has been allotted. Both applications from a county or city can be chosen."

Lyon County has often had both its submittals chosen as grant recipients. Last year the Yerington Senior Center (for expansion) and the Silver Springs Airport (paving of runway) applications were each successful.

Commissioners individually complete a CDBG ranking form for each application and submit it to Willis for tabulation. The top two choices will be selected at the Feb. 17 commissioner meeting.


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