Mavericks, limited sportsmen beat rain

Both the maverick and limited sportsman racing divisions at Silver State Raceway got their main events in just before the rain fell on Saturday night.

Mike McMordie (77) in the maverick division won his fifth trophy dash (out of a possible six) over Randy Bauer (25), Danny Kemp Jr. (11) and Bill Gould (37). Kim Lewis (9) won his first-ever (in any division) trophy dash in the sportsman class over Chet Danburg (3x), Mike Millard (22) and Dave Lester (34).

James Meerly (23) won the first heat in the maverick class over Mike Fuller (44) in second and Allen Hunter (15) in third. Bauer won the second heat with Kemp in second and McMordie third.

The main event appeared to be a lock for Meerly, who led most of the 20-lap race. On lap 17, Brad Sloan (13) spun in front of Meerly with Kemp, Gould and Bauer right behind him. Meerly went low and missed Sloan, Kemp went high and missed, but with fluid leaking from the front of Sloan's motor, Bauer ended up sideways and hitting him.

On the restart, Kemp got a jump on Meerly, passing on the front stretch for the lead. Kemp held on for the win with Meerly taking second and Gould third. Rounding out the field were McMordie, Mike Fuller (44), Bauer, Jon Kephart (15x), Sloan and Hunter.

"I didn't know I could pass on the outside," Kemp said, referring to the handling of the car. "It was the only way I could get around him." Kemp Jr. also thanked Bauer for racing him cleanly.

Al Goss (3) won the first sportsman heat over Dean Heller (27) in second and Les Kipler (54) in third. Dave Lester (34) picked up the win in the second heat with Millard in the second spot and Danburg in third.

Once again it was Lester, Danburg and Millard going hard for the win in the main event, with side by side racing becoming the norm for this division.

"I feel the racing competition and action has been the best this year than any other year here at Silver State Raceway," Lester said. "And that's from my perspective as a driver. The fans have got to feel the same way. It's been awesome."

Both Goss and Millard were racing so hard, each of their left front rotors were glowing from the friction of the brake use. Goss pulled in the pits for a couple of laps to cool his off, Millard continued, albeit with a few sparks flying from the rotor.

Lester, the current points leader in the sportsman division, was the winner of the main event, followed by Danburg in second and Millard in third. Rounding out the field were Heller, Chris Baker (11), Lewis, Kipler, Frank Sanfelipo (29), Goss and Steve Planka (10).

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