Millard wins sportsman class at Silver State Raceway

Sportsman division driver Mike Millard (22) had luck on his side Sunday afternoon winning the first points race of the season at Silver State Raceway.

On lap 25 of the 30-lap main event, Millard lost two plug wires going into turn 1, slowing just enough for second-place runner Chet Danburg (3x) to run up into Millard's bumper. The hit was square-on Millard's bumper, enabling him to keep his position ahead of Danburg, rather than spin out. Millard held Danburg off from lap 16 to the end to take the win. Danburg finished second and Dave Lester (34) finished third.

"It was a tough race," said Millard. "We had bad luck from the beginning today.

"Our qualifying run was bad and I'm not a sandbagger. But when it came to the main event, we got into a good groove and made it work for us. Chet's good and it was real hard trying to stay in front of him."

Rounding out the field were Al Goss (3), Craig Paulsen (65), Rafael Gomez (2x), Dean Heller (27), Dave Sciarroni (25), Henry Hodges (89), Steve Whipple (87) and Les Kipler (54).

Millard also won the first heat race with Kipler taking second and Gomez third. Lester won the second heat over Danburg in second and Goss third. Goss won the sportsman trophy dash.

Danny Kemp Jr. (11) was the surprise winner in the maverick division, in his first-ever race at the track. Kemp raced six years in the Fuji Outlaw Karts - three years in box tops and three in the 125 series - with a championship in the 125 series in 1997.

Kemp made a "dirt track move" on the inside of front-runner James Meerly (23) in their 30-lap main event. Meerly got just a touch loose in turn 3 and 4, causing his car to move up slightly on the track.

"I saw an opportunity (to make a move on the inside) and I took it," Kemp said. "I enjoy racing and I'm looking forward to the rest of the season."

Kemp took the win over Meerly in second and Randy Bauer (25) in third. Rounding out the field were Mike McMordie (77), Mike Fuller (44), Jason Perry (45), Thom Eldridge (68), Russ Allred (5), Bill Gould (37), Dow Lazenby (86x), Brad Sloan (13), and Don Hill (81).

Perry won the first heat race followed by Fuller in second and Eldridge third. Lazenby won the second heat with Meerly second and Kemp third. McMordie won the maverick trophy dash.

C.J. Bawden (50) is two-for-two this season, winning his second main event in the legends division. Henry Hodges Jr. (89) finished second with Jim Bawden (441) third and Bill Brown (111) fourth. C.J. Bawden also won the trophy dash.

Racing continues Sunday, April 9, at 1 p.m. at Silver State Raceway, and will move to its regular Saturday night venue at 7 p.m. on April 15. For information, call 885-2079 or 267-3723.


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