More arguments on 'outsiders' at prom

By reading all of the arguments posed by both sides in the Carson High School prom controversy, I was deeply saddened to see everybody so unwilling and steadfast in their ideas to budge.

First off, Miss Funk is totally ridiculous in saying that the students should not stand up for themselves. I can only hope that the next time that Miss Funk is snubbed of a promotion or treated unfairly by a supervisor in the work place that she remembers the arguments against these students and doesn't say a word. Furthermore, her threat of litigation should there be a problem involving her son is a low blow that undermines her argument.

My fellow students who claim to represent my peers and me do not do so. First off, I do agree that guests should be allowed at prom. However, I also agree with Principal Adair and Acting Principal Walker that allowing guests into the school would cause safety issues. It is upsetting that these students claim to represent the student body but do not offer an acceptable proposal or argue the best arguments.

Through discussion with my friends, we have come up with solutions and arguments that are applicable. First off, we students do not have the "right" to bring guests into prom. However, because prom is the last dance for seniors, it is a special event that requires a lot of work. Students should be able to bring whoever they choose under a couple of circumstances.

First off, there is as much threat from CHS students as there is from any outside visitor. If a student wants to bring a visitor, let there be an application. This application would have to be signed by a counselor, a dean and also carry a school stamp. Both the counselor and the dean would have to sign saying that the student who wishes to attend is/was in good standing with the school and that they would hold given student to CHS rules and regulations while at that dance.

Should the visitor be a one-year graduate, they would have to show proof of a clean criminal record. These tests would dramatically reduce any risks involved with bringing in visitors.

Miss Funk is going against common American belief in saying that we should not argue with our superiors. Civil disobedience in a peaceful fashion is how this country has evolved from the land of the slaves into the land of EQUALITY. The students offer principles Adair and Walker no realistic solution. When the students are ready to offer a reasonable policy, let us hope that school administrators are willing to listen.


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