More federal workers arming themselves

Who do Nevadans think they are electing when they go to the polls to vote for state officials? Do they think they are electing people who are going to represent their interest and the interest of the state of Nevada? It is painfully obvious that this is not the case.

All that elections determine is who gets to enforce edicts from Washington. In the public lands debate, whose side is Frankie Sue on in this argument? Is she arguing that the Nevada Revised Statutes that say public lands are owned by the state or is she siding with the federal land grabbers? How many Dick Carvers are out there to uphold our rights? Apparently not many. Dick Carver was considered such a rare individual that he made the cover of Time magazine.

Federal land grabbers have a host of rules and regulations to take whatever they want whenever they want. Environmental laws, the wetlands act, the endangered species act, the clean water act and the clean air act are weapons in the arsenal of the federal government in their war against private property.

Not only do they have their regulations, they also have guns. There are now about 60,000 newly armed federal government employees now carrying guns who were formerly unarmed. The "kinder and gentler" IRS has just acquired over a million dollars worth of guns. The Forest Service drives around in vehicles labeled "law enforcement." The population is being disarmed while feds are arming.


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