Murderers of Kystal should be put to death

This concerns the brutal killing of a beautiful little child (Krystal Steadman) right in our backyard.

The average life span is what 72 years? The person or persons responsible robbed Krystal out of 63 years of her life. Krystal will never go to a prom, get married or have children.

This deep-seated evil, in the hearts of the person or persons responsible, cannot be cured nor analyzed.

When the responsible party committed this crime, they placed themselves in our hands. If the responsible party is convicted, my hope as a parent and resident in the state of Nevada is that we speak with one very loud voice to all would-be child killers (passing through or living here). If you kill one of our children, you will pay the ultimate price in the state of Nevada!

Speaking from the heart of a mother, the death penalty is the only fitting punishment.

The good Lord tells you what to do: an eye for an eye.

To the Steadman family, I pray the Lord will ease your pain.


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