Navy captain quits service to run welfare computer

CARSON CITY - A Navy captain with more than 20 years experience as a business and financial manager has been picked to run an over-budget, trouble-plagued computer system for the Nevada Welfare Division.

Chris Apple, director of information resources management for the Naval Supply Systems Command in Mechanicsburg, Pa., will take over the $125,000-a-year state job of running the NOMADS system Dec. 1.

NOMADS stands for Nevada Operations Multi Automated Data Systems - which began about nine years ago with a $23.6 million budget but will cost more than $100 million when completed.

Apple's appointment was announced Monday by Marlene Lockard, director of the state Department of Information Technology.

One of 36 applicants, Apple now directs the Navy's computer system for global supply. He also has been a project manager for various units in the Navy in Norfolk, Va., Washington, D.C., and San Diego, Alameda and Port Hueneme, Calif.

During the Persian Gulf War, Apple headed the unit that provided logistics support for more than 4,000 repairs on Navy ships.

The welfare computer system, which had been criticized as over budget and not working, has been running smoothly recently as it converts cases from an old system to a new one for child support, Medicaid, food stamps and welfare.

Gary Stagliano, who now heads the NOMADS project, said 34,619 cases have been switched to the new computer, which made 17,667 payments totaling $2.7 million in September without glitches.

He estimates there are 65,000 more cases in child support to convert from the old system to the new, and 49,000 cases in public assistance to put on NOMADS.


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