Neither photo finish or video replay could determine winner

Two winners have been declared from Saturday night's limited sportsman 40-lap main event at Silver State Raceway.

Neither video tapes provided by race fans or a photograph from Dan McGee of Sparks showed a clear winner between Mike Millard (22) and Chet Danburg (3x).

"All the angles from which all the videos were taken and Dan McGee's photograph, show both cars hit the (start/finish) line at the same time, so I'm calling the race a dead heat," said Robert Kline, director of competition, who made the decision from his home Sunday after reviewing the photograph and videos.

"Both drivers will be awarded first-place with first-place points, we will pool the money of first and second-place positions and they will split it equally. The race was just too close to call."

The full length of the main event was exciting. Carson City's Gene Lepire was driving the No. 8 car of Scott Bohemier. Friend's of Lepire put in an extra $700 to entice him to win. It worked, but only for 10 laps until Millard took over the first position. Once Millard had the lead, he didn't look back.

But once Danburg, Craig Paulsen (65) and Dave Lester (34) got past Lepire, it became yet another nail biter. Danburg closed in on Millard's bumper several laps later and was so close the last 10-12 laps, you'd swear there was a chain linking the two. Then Paulsen and Lester both closed in behind Danburg.

"This was the most exciting racing I've ever seen and been in here," Millard said. "This competition is as outstanding as you're ever going to get."

Danburg echoed that.

"Between the two of us, Craig and Dave Lester, you're not going to see any better," he said. "I hope this brings the fans out to the track, it just doesn't get any better than this."

Both drivers were in good spirits after the race and congratulated each other on a great win, shaking hands. Neither Kline or track owner Larry Burton could recall a decision like this ever happening at the track.

With the win going to Danburg and Millard, rounding out the field were Paulsen, Lester, Lepire, Brian Colodny (14), Rafael Gomez (2x), Al Goss (3), Henry Hodges (89), Kim Lewis (9), Jim Bawden, who was driving Robbie Shelton's No. 25x, Les Kipler (54), Randy Bauer (5), Gary Chandler (96), Dave Sciarroni (25) and Frank Sanfelipo (29).

Lester won the sportsman trophy dash. Lepire won the first heat race with Gomez in second and Goss third. Lewis won the second heat with Danburg in second and Millard third. Lewis also won the third heat with Millard second and Paulsen third. Danburg won the fourth heat with Lester second and Colodny third.

The maverick main event was quite exciting also, but with a clear winner at the end. Again finding himself at the rear of the field due to being fast-qualifier, Randy Bauer (25) made an unbelievable move on the back stretch between the cars of Joel Worley (9) and Allen Hunter (15), making it three-wide going into turn 3. Bauer had just enough speed to get past Hunter, who was on the outside, pull even with Worley and come out ahead into the first position out of turn four.

Bauer had built up about a 12 car-length lead when James Meerly (23) moved into second place and began to close the gap. Bauer held on to win the 25-lap main event with Meerly finishing second and Mike McMordie (77) taking third.

Rounding out the field were Hunter, Worley, Bill Gould (37), Mike Fuller (44) and Jon Kephart (15x).

"I was sweating it making that move between Worley and Hunter," Bauer said. "I was kind of nervous but I knew it was the only way to get around the two of them. Oh yeah, I know it was close."

Meerly was the winner of the maverick trophy dash. Fuller won the first heat race with Gould in second and Hunter third. McMordie grabbed the second heat win with Bauer in second and Meerly third. Bauer also won the third heat over Meerly in second and Gould third. McMordie won the fourth with Hunter in second and Worley third.

This weekend, the Bay Cities Racing Association's championship kicks off at Silver State Raceway. Confirming his entry into Saturday's race is seven-time USAC champion and nine-time New Zealand champ Sleepy Tripp.

The midgets will race Saturday evening, with the Nevada Mavericks in action as well as qualifying for the late model sportsman's first leg of the Tri-Holiday Sweepstakes 150-lap main event, to be run on Sunday.

Gates open at 5 p.m., qualifying is at 6 with racing at 7:30 p.m. For information, call 885-2079


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